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Protega Global – providing sustainable packaging solutions through innovation

Protega Global has a mission to help organisations align with the values of their customers through the use of sustainable packaging.

We have a range of innovative 'off-the-shelf solutions that will enable a quick and easy transition to sustainable packaging.

And we can design bespoke solutions that portray your brand message effectively.

Please browse our website and be inspired by our eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

sustainable packaging which aims to reduce plastic usage and align with the values of customers.
Protega Global can help you find sustainable eco-friendly packaging solutions that will not compromise protection, will not cost the earth, and can be implemented quickly.


Reduce your organisations environmental footprint


Align with your customers values


Reduce your organisations reputational risk


Show leadership for a sustainable future


Paper packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and renewable.

We have a range of paper packaging options that are not only an eco-friendly option, but have often been proved to provide a better, more effective, protective package than plastic packing alternatives.