Make your packaging more eco-friendly

Paper Cushioning


An alternative to polythene air pillows, bubblewrap and polystyrene loosefill, our paper cushioning is manufactured from 100% recycled paper, and is 100% recyclable.


In addition, paper cushioning gives improved protection due to its construction and the paper pad tends to mould around the product locking it in place.Protega Paper Action Shot 1


The paper is produced on demand by a machine which is supplied free-of-charge (subject to our terms & conditions) which means that minimal storage is needed for packaging materials. The machine is compact and is designed to sit on a packing bench, or on its own stand.



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Hexcelwrap - alternative to bubblewrap


Hexcel Wrap is the next generation of protective wrapping and is designed to be a sustainable alternative to bubblewrap with a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material content.White Hexcel & Vase


This sustainable Bubblewrap alternative will keep your products in place with its interlocking design without any need for adhesive tape to stop it unwrapping.



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Dynasafe Retention Packaging


This product does not require any additional packaging, as the retention film secures the products inside the box. As the polythene retention film weighs less that 1.5% of the total weight of the pack, the film does not need to be removed prior to recycling.


The retention pack is also 90%+ corrugated cardboard, has 60%+ recycled content, and is 100% recyclable, making it inherently eco-friendly.


Their are benefits in addition to the eco-credentials which include:placing-cosmetics-packaging-dynasafe-retension-reduce-breakages-transit

  • Faster packing
  • Minimal storage for packing materials
  • Excellent protection
  • Positive unboxing experience for the customer


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Gummed Paper Tape


This is made from kraft paper with a vegetable starch based adhesive that is 1Protega Gummed Paper Tape Rolls Group00% eco-friendly. Standard plastic packing tapes are not recyclable, and some their adhesives can be harmful to the environment.


Gummed paper tapes require dispensers to apply them, as they need water to activate the adhesive prior to application.


Gummed paper tapes can be supplied reinforced for extra security, although gummed paper tapes adhere more effectively to cardboard boxes than plastic packing tapes giving extra security.


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Gummed Paper Dispensers


Our range of Gummed paper tape machines are a proven solution for securing boxes with maximum efficiency while consuming minimal tape.


Paper Gummed Tape gives your packages great presentation and market research has shown that boxes which are made of 100% paper are more likely to be put back into the recycling loop.

The machine produces the exact strip dimension required and only one strip is required to seal each side of the box as demonstrated. 


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Self Adhesive Paper Tape


Paper Tapes - self adhesiveThis is an alternative to gummed paper tapes. One of the drawbacks of gummed paper tapes is they typically require a bench mounted machine to dispense the tape. 


Self adhesive paper tapes can be used on standard pistol grip tape dispensers, and therefore can be used anywhere in a warehouse or packing area.


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Paper self-seal mailing bags


Our paper mailing courier sacks have become popular with businesses and organisations looking for sustainable alternatives to polythene mailing bags.Hexcel in Protega Mailing Bag-1


Our recyclable paper mailing sacks are another one of our low cost, high quality packaging solutions which will prove particularly useful for your business.


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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard boxes have typically 60-70% recycled content, and are 100% recyclable.Dynabox corrugated carton

The recycling loop for cardboard is accessible for the vast majority of households and businesses in the UK, and because of this over 70% of paper and cardboard is recycled.
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