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2022 World Cup Has Gone Eco-Friendly!

    2022 World Cup Eco-Friendly

    FIFA and the State of Qatar have jointly launched a sustainability strategy for the 2022 World Cup.

    This commits Fifa and partners across Qatar to design and construct all the sites in a way that will minimise energy, resource and the carbon impact. 

    FIFA first promised a carbon-neutral World Cup for the 2006 tournament. Since then, the event’s footprint has in fact grown considerably – for example the 2018 World Cup in Russia generated 2.17 million tonnes of emissions, certainly not carbon-neutral...

    The sustainability strategy for the tournament covers air polution, waste generation and water use. It is great to finally see some commitment from large event organisers taking the eco-friendly approach seriously. 

    - The waste pledge simply states that event operators will “minimise waste sent to landfill”, without setting a percentage target or outlining where and how diverted waste will be processed.

    - The water pledge is similarly non-numerical and not time-bound. “minimise water use during the construction and operation of FIFA World Cup 2022 sites and promote water conservation in related sectors,” it states.

    “The FIFA World Cup offers us a unique opportunity to bring about positive change – one that FIFA and Qatar cannot, and will not, let slip away,” FIFA’s secretary-general Fatma Samoura said.

    This new strategy will hopefully encourage other event organisers to do the same and finally take our planets health seriously. 


    Posted on Mar 4, 2020 4:08:27 PM by Dan Willock in carbon footprint

    Dan Willock

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