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Offsetting the effect of Coronavirus… as well as your carbon footprint

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    As the coronavirus sweeps the globe and businesses start to take action on how to deal with the push backs, one very important factor to take into account is the strength of your packaging supply chain. China and many other countries have recently gone into lockdown causing delays and loss of imported goods to UK businesses.

    Factories are being shut down and workers left jobless or having to work from home, authorities continue to lockdown businesses to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. The longer this health crisis lasts, the harder it will be for goods to be sent around the world. Although the lockdown is starting to loosen in China, delays in services could last for months whilst workers and factories attempt to get back to normality. Other countries are now going through the process of a lockdown and could be looking at months before returning to business as usual.

    Why switch to Protega Global?  

    Protega Global are a UK manufacturer providing viable paper-based alternatives to plastic transit packaging. Our equipment components are sourced locally and Protega paper is produced in the UK. For peace of mind we also have a team of locally based service engineers. Not only does this minimise our carbon footprint but also reduces our reliance on China and other overseas sources, minimising disruption during the current coronavirus outbreak.

    Here are some of the key benefits of switching to Protega Global:

    Swifter turnaround times

    Giving overseas mass-production a miss in favour of a UK operation means your order can be processed and produced much quicker.  We can design bespoke solutions for your packing and despatch area, including equipment and void fill machines, to increase productivity. With our Brexit contingency planning being morphed into Coronavirus planning, we continue to hold an additional 25% extra stocks of critical consumables, available to you within 24 – 48 hours.


    When switching to working with Protega, your account manager will keep you informed through the whole process of transition and implementation, from start to finish. Keeping production local makes it easier for you to have greater input and control over your packaging – and keeps the cost down!


    Sustainability is a growing focus not only for UK consumers, but for companies too.  The environmental benefits of sourcing your packaging from within the UK are self-evident. Not only does buying Protega’s UK produced products slash the carbon footprint, Protega also focus on the use of recycled paper materials, reducing the environmental impact further.


    Although extremely rare, health crisis problems do occur and right now is a perfect example. Countries who manufacture your packaging are potentially going into lockdown. Not only will you likely struggle to communicate with them due to home working or temporarily closing down, you will also see delays and even loss of goods.

    A UK supplier like Protega Global solves this problem immediately, having consistent communication throughout the process with dedicated account managers and the continued service of goods being delivered on time.

    Here at Protega Global, we have a strict health crisis process in place preventing any disruption to our services. Not only can we continue to provide our services to customers, we can also help you make the switch to us from suppliers reliant on overseas production, in a short amount of time.

    Ways we can help you during the crisis

    The Virtual Meeting & Demonstration


    We can meet you virtually on screen to explore how we can help you make your business more sustainable as well as more Corona Virus proof!

    We have converted our conference room into a virtual demonstration paradise, with a wide-angel camera set up, demo equipment at the ready, a projector for our attendees to appear on and the Protega Team raring to go. We can now host our customer meetings face to face without actually being face to face! We can demonstrate Protega packaging machines, and show you how you could re-pack your products using Protega products to increase efficiency, reduce breakages and of course be more sustainable!

    You can read more about our virtual meeting room and see an example of our re-packing process here



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