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Virtual Meeting & Demonstration with Protega Global

    It’s not often that our lives are disrupted to the point of isolation and for businesses this really puts the pressure on. From the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak the team at Protega Global have been working hard to come up with strategies on how to continue business without the usual site visit routines.

    Introducing the virtual meeting room & re-pack demonstration…

    We decided to convert our conference room into a virtual demonstration paradise, with a wide-angel camera set up, demo equipment at the ready, a projector for our attendees to appear on and the Protega Team raring to go. We can now host our customer meetings face to face without actually being face to face!


    Protega Global have also set up a simple way for us to present a box revamp with our products. The process of this is for you to send your items to us in the current packaging you use, we then repack with our eco-friendly protective paper packaging solution and send it straight back to you. Once you are happy with our offering we can proceed to the next stage with ease.


    We understand the difficulty for businesses to communicate during the coronavirus outbreak and we are doing everything we can to continue the presentation of our eco-friendly packaging without the ability to visit sites.

    If you would like to come and see us virtually then please get in touch here and we can show you our latest innovations and eco-friendly packaging through the means of technology!

    Posted on Mar 17, 2020 3:45:19 PM by Dan Willock in eco-friendly packaging, in Eco-friendly, in coronavirus, in packaging industry

    Dan Willock

    Written by Dan Willock

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