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World Environment Day, it's time for change.

    Many of us have been asking ourselves the questions in the last few weeks, will Covid 19 side-line the environmental debate?  Would the public turn their attention to their own survival rather than the survival of the planet?

    However, at Protega in the last few weeks we have seen a resurgent interest in sustainability and protecting our environment.  Almost as though the current pandemic has brought into sharper focus the things that really matter.  

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    Of course, not everyone appears to be interested in looking after the planet and those who inhabit it.  For example, the small minority of people who only a few days ago carelessly turned Durdle Door, a Unesco World Heritage site in Dorset, into a rubbish dump.  However, we believe this will only galvanise the majority into more determined action.  


    So, we ask ourselves, what can we do to make things better?  Of course, we know this is not a one-dimensional problem, but as packaging users you can start with asking ourselves these simple questions:

    1. Have you removed all avoidable plastic waste from your packaging?
    2. Are you still using plastic wrapping material, plastic void fill or plastic tapes?
    3. Do you believe you are using too much packaging to secure your products?
    4. Is your packaging process taking too long, and wasting resources?


    If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’. Or even if you are not sure, we would like to invite 

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    you to reach out to us.  We can work with you to help you become plastic free and optimise your use

    of resources.  You can find out how Protega have 

    helped many companies to become more sustainable, streamline their packaging process and reduce their costs.

    And in case you are worried that social distancing might hold you back; we are holding virtual meetings, consultations, and training in our demonstration room with our customers. We offer a full suite of products to help you become more sustainable, as well as helping you to find smarter ways to reduced damage in transit and save money.

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    Together we can make change, get in touch now. 

    Posted on Jun 5, 2020 10:50:52 AM by Dan Willock in Eco-friendly, in wildlife, in Sustainable packaging, in plastic, in biodegradable packaging, in Paper V Plastic

    Dan Willock

    Written by Dan Willock

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