Retention packaging for faster packing 


Dynasafe is an eco-Friendly, Customer Friendly fast packing system

Purchase a fast, secure packing system that protects your goods and enhances your brand. Available to order today.

Dynasafe suspension and retention packaging offers amazing versatility, providing solutions for packing an incredibly diverse range of products. This quality protective packaging product is environmentally friendly, and manufactured from recycled content.


European Standard for Paper for Recycling EN643

EN 643 is the European List of Standard Grades of Paper and Board for Recycling. Revised in 2013, the new text includes several major improvements, including a grade-specific tolerance level for non-paper component and more detailed descriptions per grade.


Specifically for Dynasafe this standard specifies that corrugated board for recycling should contain a maximum of 1.5% of non-paper components. The plastic retention film on Dynasafe falls within this specified parameter.




Reduce packaging waste by using retention packs
The packaging technique means that void fill is no longer required and still reduces damage to products in transit.

One-piece retention packaging comes as one component that will protect and secure your product without any additional packaging being needed.

reduce breakages in transit with this unique packaging.
Easy to store flat-packed cartons with crash-lock bases will speed up packing times.

Two-piece retention packaging is mainly for larger items, or where a pack is needed with an accessories compartment.

bespoke packaging gives the customer a positive open box experience.
Printed cartons can enhance your brand perception

Dynasafe can easily be printed with your branding or design to create a wow open box experience for your customer.

Dynasafe sets a benchmark for quality and consistency, ensuring that your products are not only dispatched on time, but reach their destination safely.

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