Protega Global – eco friendly packaging

Protega Global has a mission to help organisations align with the values of their customers through the use of eco-friendly paper packaging.

We have a range of innovative off-the-shelf solutions that will enable a quick and easy transition to sustainable packaging.


And we can design bespoke solutions that portray your brand message effectively.


We manufacture and install packing stations that integrate the Protega paper cushioning machine for maximum efficiency.


Please browse our website and be inspired by our eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

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Protega Global can help you find sustainable eco-friendly packaging solutions that will not compromise protection, will not cost the earth, and can be implemented quickly.


Sustainable paper packing for heavy items
Paper cushioning alternative to plastic air pillows
Due to its unique design the Protega paper machine produces a strong paper cushioning pad from a compact machine. Protega paper is an excellent alternative to air pillows, moulded foam and loosefill chips.
Pretty white paper packaging alternative to bubblewrap
Eco-friendly paper packaging that is recyclable and biodegradable
Hexcel paper wrap is an easy to use eco-friendly protective wrap that reduces breakages, reduces packing times and easy to recycle. It is an alternative to plastic bubblewrap.
Bench Overview CAD drawing
We design and manufacture bespoke packing stations that will integrate with your packaging systems and improve your workflow. These can be integrated with our paper packaging systems.
Paper postal bag
Click and Collect paper bag

An alternative to the widely used polythene mailing bags. They are available plain and printed, with and without handles.

There is a small range of standard sizes available to buy online.

Reinforced Kraft self adhesive tape
Printed kraft paper tapes
We supply self adhesive paper tapes as an alternative to gummed paper tapes. These can be applied using the standard tape dispensers, and we can supply them printed with your own design.
Gummed paper tape being applied
Gummed paper tape is the most eco-friendly packaging tape, and looks fantastic, and gives an unbeatable secure seal to your parcel. We can supply this printed with your own print design.

Our people
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We would love to hear from you. Our talented team are here to help you. 


Please contact us for any help you may require regarding sustainable packaging. 


As a team have discussions about the various merits of different biodegradable and compostable packaging options that are being marketed. We don't agree on everything! It is good to share the passion about the environment. You can read our blogs about the various pros and cons of different types biodegradable packaging.


We look forward to hearing from you.


This gentleman with the orange shoes and orange tie visited us recently and gave us an inspirational and very motivational team presentation. He is 'The Man with the Orange Tie'