Self Adhesive Paper Tape

Eco-Friendly, secure case sealing tape

If water activated adhesive tape (gummed paper tape) is not practical in terms of application why not use a self adhesive kraft paper tape?

This tape is applied with standard pistol grip tape dispensers so companies can switch to eco-friendly paper tapes with minimal outlay.Group photo kraft paper tapes-1


The recent focus on reducing plastic pollution in both land fill and the sea has made companies seriously consider how their packaging material choices affect the environment.


Self adhesive kraft paper tape is a step in the right direction for companies looking to align with the values of their customers. 

Kraft paper self adhesive tape

This self-adhesive Kraft Paper Tape can be used with standard packing tape dispensers.


KSA48 on a dispenser

This tape has a natural rubber adhesive that is suitable for use for packing frozen products and is high performance with excellent 'grab' and strong adhesion.


It is available in three widths, 24mm, 48mm and 72mm and has a standard 76mm core that will fit standard tape dispensers.


Switch to an eco-friendly packing option that can be recycled and is biodegradable and compostable.


Product Details

Product Code Description Unit Box Qty
 KSA25 25mm x 50m, 76mm core Roll 48 rolls
 KSA48 48mm x 50m, 76mm core Roll 36 rolls
 KSA75 75mm x 50m, 76mm core Roll 24 rolls


Super strength kraft self-adhesive tape

This tape is reinforced with a high strength, high tack adhesive.


This tape can b48mm and 72mm kraft reinforced paper tapee used with conventional pistol grip dispensers which gives you an eco-friendly tape option that can used in multiple locations within a packing area.


This is in contrast to gummed paper tape systems that are typically dispensed from desk mounted machines.


To tape parcels securely you will need significantly less length of tape to achieve a secure parcel.



Product Code Description Unit Box Qty
KSAR50 48mm x 25m, 76mm core Roll 36 rolls


E-Tape paper self adhesive tape

E-tape has a 50mm core resulting in more tape per roll


The heavy duty E-Kradt paper e-tape on dispenserTape dispenser has a 50mm core holder which fits E-Tape kraft paper tape.


E-tape kraft paper tape rolls are double the length of the standard kraft paper tapes which reduces lost time due to roll changes.






Product Code Description Unit Box Qty
EK1 48mm x 100metres, 50mm core Roll 36 rolls