On this page we introduce some new products that are eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic packaging.

These products are not yet in stock, but we are engaging with potential users to establish the market size.


If you are interested in some information about these products, please contact us via the enquiry form on this page.


Flexible corrugated paper sleeves


A two-layer, undulated, embossed, eco-friendly paper.


Technical data:


B-flute - 3.5mm
C-flute - 4.7mm

C-flute: TL brown 3 approx. 330 gsm
B-flute: TL brown 3 approx. 320 gsm
B-flute coloured: KL white bleached approx. 320 gsm

width: min. 80 mm up to max. 330 mm
height: min. 30 mm (die-cut) up to max. 450 mm


Minimum production quantity:
from 2.000 pieces (sleeves) depending on size

Calculation for the width of the sleeves:
2 x diameter of the package piece (for example a bottle)

Special colours (paper):
white, yellow, red, blue, black

Printing: random printing

Corrugated bottle sleeves





Honeycomb Flex


Honeycomb D mesh 15mm


Width: 1000mm unexpanded

Length: 3300mm stretched

Paper weight: 170gsm

Thickness: 15mm

Order quantity: 250 sheets




















Honeycomb flex montage