Packing Stations and Integration

Case Study

KitchenKraft Protega Install 9

Consultation and CAD Design

For companies that need to install a packing area in a new building, or need to redesign their existing dispatch department, or a require additional security for bonded goods, we can help.

We are happy to assist you with any size requirement. From a small packing area, to a complete fit-out of a building (as the example shown below) we can supply packing stations that integrate with packaging systems, secure bonded areas, supervisor stations, conveyor systems and optimising your returns departments.


Free Consultation

Our Design Team can visit to assess your packing operation and come up with suggestions on how to improve layouts. These ideas can be outlined in CAD and photographic visuals can be produced to show how an improved layout would look.


Consultation & Design
Surveys and proposals for packing departments design

We carry out an initial survey to gain an operational overview of your organisation. We look at workflow, materials handling and packing requirements and configure an efficient and safe work area.


CAD designs show what the finished project could look like, and, subject to input from all project stakeholders and agreement on the final design, a fixed cost will be given.

KitchenKraft Protega Machine Install 10
KitchenKraft - Protega Paer Machine Install 1

Existing packing machines can be integrated into packing lines, or we can advise on the use of paper voidfill integration, and design packing benches around wrapping dispensers and box taping and labeling machines.


The comfort and safety of operators and packers is paramount, and we will recommend solutions to avoid long term injury, and lost productivity through sickness.

New Build
CAD design of made to measure packing benches

For new warehouses we can advise and plan on the despatch area, security cages, supervisor stations, integrated conveyor systems and packaging machinery.


Any company project manager looking for support to create a design for the operations of a new warehouse can be assured of  our collaboration with your project team to create the best and most efficient solution possible.

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