Paper Mailing Sacks

Our paper mailing courier sacks have become popular with businesses and organisations looking for sustainable alternatives to polythene mailing bags.



Up until the late 1990's all mail-order deliveries were shipped in paper mailing bags. Then there was a switch to cheaper plastic mailing bags, and following the huge increase in online shopping, here has been a corresponding huge increase in the use of plastic mailing bags.


Our paper mailing bags are made from wet strength kraft paper and are water resistant, even in heavy rain, and maintain their paper strength when wet.


How strong are paper mailing bags?

We have extensively tested our paper mailing bags in wet conditions, and also by sending out a paper mailing bag multiple times via Royal Mail and TNT, which arrived back intact after travelling over 500 miles. In the rain test, a roll of paper remained dry inside the mailing bags even after 3 hours in the rain.


Montage of paper mailing bag rain test


Battered but unbowed, paper mailing bag after long journeys-1



Size options

Our ref: Size: Paper: Peal and Seal: Handle: Lead-time
Stock Sizes          
PM1 240 x 375mm + 100mm BG 1 ply Natural 90gsm 2 NO 2-3 days
PM2 325 x 420mm + 100mm BG 1 ply Natural 100gsm 2 NO 2-3 days
PM3 360 x 480mm + 100mm BG 1 ply Natural 100gsm 2 NO 2-3 days
PM4 415 x 490mm + 100mm BG 1 ply Natural 100gsm 2 NO 2-3 days
PM5 650 x 525mm + 150mm BG 1 ply Natural 100gsm 2 NO 2-3 days
Standard Sizes          
Click & Collect 480 x 505mm + 60mm BG 1 ply Natural 100gsm 2 YES 4 - 6 weeks*

* minimum order quantities are 5,000 - 10,000 depending on size.


If you are interested in kraft paper mailing bags please complete the enquiry form on this page and we will be only too pleased to supply you information, prices and samples.


Click and collect paper mailing bags printed Protega with text


Paper mailing bag fan of 4 sizes



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