Eco-friendly protective paper cushioning

Protega Paper Cushioning and paper voidfill is proven to prevent damage to goods in transit and gives the end user a positive open box experience which is environmentally friendly. 

This versatile paper cushioning machine produces a uniquely structured paper pad at any desired length, and is one of the most effective forms of protective sustainable packaging alternatives being used today.


The unique paper voidfill does not ‘settle’ in transit meaning your products are not vulnerable to damage. With the rise of a returns culture which is impacting heavily on profit margins, using this paper is crucial to guaranteeing your products are protected throughout the courier and mailing networks.


Protega Coiler


Protega paper cushioning - sustainable packaging for heavy product


The footprint of the slim line Protega machine is not much larger than an office printer (635x360mm), and fits easily into even the smallest of despatch areas.


It can also be placed on a height adjustable stand and integrated into a packing line, enabling flexibility and efficiency when fine-tuning packing areas. 


The unique pre-folded design of our Protega Paper means that they are easier to handle than traditional rolls, making loading easier than ever.



White paper cushioning to give eco-friendly protection to your products