Turning the tide on plastic packaging

Welcome to our Protega paper machine, creating paper cushions that are designed to excel in product protection, reduce waste and help contribute to a greener


We have spent the last few years perfecting a machine
that produces a paper cushion that compresses less than
any other alternative of the same size. This simply means
you can minimise the use of resources to protect your



The Protega machine is smaller than any other paper cushion machine on the market which means it can be easily deployed directly on a packing bench, moved around your despatch area, or even elevated up high to dispense cushions into an integrated overhead hopper system.

This machine has been designed and built by
Protega Global in the UK to rigorous quality
standards, and is supported out in the field by
our in-house engineers.We look forward to speaking to you. Please feel free to contact us directly via the contact details supplied below.

Our customer service team will be on hand between 7.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday.